A Familygram

Dated May 23, 1967


U.S.S. WEISS (APD 135)

FPO, San Francisco 96601

May 23, 1967

By the time you receive this letter the cruise of the WEISS will be about half over. Since my last letter we will have steamed about 15,000 miles and have visited a wide variety of ports. We have conducted survey operations in the Philippine Islands and, with our UDT counterparts in the Philippine Navy, conducted a joint training exercise on the island of Mindoro in the Western Philippines.

We were fortunate enough to have four days in Manila, a cosmopolitan city, which was much enjoyed by all hands. Our recent five day visit to Hong Kong, however, was somewhat marred by the unrest which prevails in that colony. Liberty was rather restricted and I know the crew was badly disappointed because the trip to Hong Kong is a highlight for every ship out here.

The WEISS has done well since arriving in the Western Pacific. A reflection of the talent and capability of its crew. We were forced to go into dry dock on one occasion for hull repairs but other than that our problems have been relatively minor.

The weather has been hot and humid, since this is the summer season in our area. The rainy season starts shortly and it will rain heavily nearly every day for the next four months.

Mail service has been, with one exception, quite good. I cannot stress too strongly how important your letters are to use out here.

Your son is doing a most important job. While we have little of the glamour of some of the other areas of the service, our presence here is a direct contribution to the successful prosecution of our nation's effort in Vietnam . Please be assured that I will make every effort to see to the comfort and well-being of your son. He is a very important man in this ship.

If you have any questions I hope you will feel free to write me.



John J. Viera
Lieutenant Commander

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