Uss Weiss APD 135

Crew Photos Page Five

Photos from the Album of Joe Beasley

CS3 Joe Beasley 1968


Jim Kincaid and Joe Beasley
Balboa Park San Diago

CS3 Joe Beasley in IC Shop USS Weiss

Joe & Linda Beasley Christmas 2000


Joe and Grand Daugher Savanna
Fishing trip 2002


Veterans Day Parade 2001


I don't know if you remember me or not, but I would think every body would remember the ships cook. I worked differernt kinds of jobs for several years, and then settled down to coal mining. I am retired now with 26 years in underground coal mines. The work was hard, and dangerous, but it paid good. Never cooked any more. I left the cooking to Ron Wells. Don't think anyone could forget Ron Wells.


Joe's vacation in Florida
Linda made him throw her back.


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