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USS Weiss (APD 135)
Plan of the Day

Dated Sunday 12, January 1969

The photo above was taken during Operation Bold Dragon. It shows Seal Team members on the fantail of WEISS after a mission. Click on the image to to see a larger view.

This is Swift Boat PFC 38 along side WEISS

The Following was received from COMNAVFORV, Vice Admiral Zumwalt:

Commendation for Special Ops Support

During December 68 Special task Group 194.1 conducted operation Bold Dragon IX, an intensive series of Seal Team and Assault Craft missions against enemy targets in selected AO's in the RUG SAT SPECIAL ZONE, LOWER CA QUA PENINSULA and on PHU QUOC ISLAND. The missions accomplished by the task group produced important intelligence on VC infrastructure, facilities an intentions. They also seriously disrupted VC commercial and tax extortion activities in enemy-controlled areas, some of which had never before been penetrated by friendly forces.

Much of the success of those missions is attributable to the outstanding support by assigned units, including USS WEISS as primary command/control and support ship; USS TERREL COUNTY which supported attached helicopters and served as temporary troop berthing and afloat POW detention base; 164th ARMY COMBAT AVIATION GROUP, whose aggressive slick helos and PFC 38 kept on the move long and irregular hours performing services as diverse as water taxi, communication link, guide through coastal shoals and close gunfire coverage.

To each of you I extend appreciation for the splendid support rendered during operation BOLD DRAGON IX, Please convey my thanks to your officers and men for a job well done.

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