Love Spoon Information

A love spoon is a decorated wooden spoon.

The custom of giving love spoons carved by a young man and presented to his sweetheart as a token of his affection and/or betrothal originated in Wales during the 17th century. The earliest known love spoon dates from 1667 and is part of a collection at the Museum of Welsh Life in St. Fagans near Cardiff. Today, the custom has expanded to also be a gift of friendship.

The spoon may be plain or intricately decorated with various symbols - birds, hearts, wheels, balls - each representing good luck, the blessing of children, wealth, health etc.

Even the most elaborate love spoon is carved from one piece of wood, thus demonstrating the skill of the carver. Almost always it is the handle of the spoon which was decorated. Although in some examples the handle was enlarged to become a panel giving greater scope for decoration, with common forms being, piercing the panel, relief carving, fretwork, or a combination of all three.

Love Spoon Symbols & Meanings


Steadfastness, My love is safe with you, Home to stay.

Ball in Cage

Love held safe, Years Together or Number of Children

Barley Sugar Twist

Derived from the rope theme carved by sailors.


Weddings, Anniversaries

Chain Links

Linking of Lives, No. of children , Years together

Comma Shapes

Soul Signs


Faith, Marriage


Wealth, Good Fortune

Double Spoon



Symbol of Wales, Protection


Affection or Courtship, Friendship


My Heart is Yours, Love

Heart, Two

We feel the same about each other

Heart Shaped Bowl

Full and Bountiful Life


Good Luck and Happiness

Key & Keyhole

Home & Security, My house is yours


Everlasting, together forever


Love Grows


Smooth passage through life


Love Grows


Willingness to work for a loved one

Double Spoons

The Couple Together Forever

Triple Spoons


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