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I started wood carving in June of 1997. Thanks to a fellow full-time RV'er, Bill Buhl. He and wife Nancy were staying at Travelhome RV Park in Yuba City with us. Bill was very helpful in getting me started by loaning me tools and patterns and sharing a few of his ruff-outs. We became good friends and I felt like he was like an uncle. Bill is gone now but always think of him whenever I pick up a knife and a block of wood.

The Carvings below give you a sample of the kind of things I do.

Love spoon Wood Carving

Spoon Carvings

As you can see I like carving love spoons.

The largest of these... about 12" tall... was my first spoon.
Thanks to Bill Buhl for giving me the pattern.

The other flower spoon is my own pattern.

All are butternut wood.

Click on photo to see larger version
(119K less than 30 sec. to load at 33.6k)

The two flower spoons are my own patterns.
They're about 12" tall.

All are butternut wood.

Follow this link for more information about Lovespoons?

Spoon Carvings

Misc. Carvings

The bear was my first attempt to carve something 3-D without the aid of a ruff-out. Carved from a 3x3x6 block of Basswood.

The boots are fun to carve and people seem to like them.

The letter opener is my pattern. Just had a small, thin piece of wood I didn't know what else to do with.

The boots and opener are butternut wood.

I put the quarter in the photo for a size reference.

Click on photo to see larger version.
(119K less than 30 sec. to load at 33.6k)


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